Entry #94

asdfmovie8, migaminz

2014-10-15 11:40:38 by Wonchop

Couple new things I've made. First a quick Smash Bros thingy.

And here's a new asdfmovie I made



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2014-10-15 16:13:03

Looks like Tomska forgot to write jokes for asdfmovie8. Bit of an oversight there.


2014-10-15 19:03:46

thats some good stuff.
...but sonic again?

maybe try doing some new clock crew movies ;)

anyway, you are ok. fun movies sir.

uhhh do you know who leek shades and ghost shades are?
they were trolling the shades-gang old forums, along with beatnik shades, and became notorious.
i think one of them was stagbeetle/envelope clock, but the other one must have been a lock legion member.... so yeah, help me if you can.
im doing a flash movie about those events, thats why i ask...


2014-10-15 20:11:05

My god there's another one?


2014-10-15 21:09:41

8 now


2014-10-16 06:07:31

why does tom give like 3 days to make an asdfmovie? It's clearly the most successful series on his channel, you think it would have at least 1 month worth of animation going in to it.


2014-11-03 05:42:46

you know when i was a teenager i thought you where a pretentious piece of shit. upon looking back i see that you WHERE. but you have come a long way and your work has really begun to show that you have aged well. also in a double whammy realization we are the same age so in the end i blame society. I love the ASDF movies and I know it's dicey making more at this point due to lack of fresh material and the fare of it getting stale. it hasn't gotten there yet this was slightly less funny than the last one but not enough for it to not be funny. id suggest still peppering mine turtle in there somewhere.


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2017-04-10 17:06:54

What are you up to these days? I don't see much of you in animation circles anymore, or in general.