New vids: Higgs+Boson, Made of Money

2013-01-11 13:08:09 by Wonchop

A pleasant 2013 to you all. Can't be any worse than 2012, can it?

Anyhoo, I thought I'd inform you of a couple of new vids that just came out.

First, we have this animation I did for Weebl's new HuHa channel on YouTube, featuring CERN scientists who hate each other's guts.

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And then we have this dumb live action skit I made using the camera stand and green screen I got for Christmas.

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So yeah. Stuff to come. London Meet next week. Will probably be there. Laters.

New vids: Higgs+Boson, Made of Money


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2013-01-11 13:38:39

Hey! You're alive! Looks like it's been a good year, so far.


2013-01-11 21:57:01

Aren't you working for TV shows? Weren't they good pay?

Wonchop responds:

They come and go. It depends on the client.


2013-01-12 16:39:26

I dont really care for film stuff but greenscreens are alot of fun

Wonchop responds:

If only I knew how to bloody fold them away.


2013-01-12 18:53:25

guess there ain't going to be any more of Wonchop & Company. Just some random animations. Well, it was good to see your work ^^

Wonchop responds:

It's not like I don't like them. It's just I can't really think of a good way to write for them that can't be done with a zillion other characters. (Heck, the toons I have already when you look at them are largely memes and references.)

That said, the tenth anniversary of me starting up Flash is coming up later this year, so maybe I should make something for that?