New Animations! Sonic + Weebl

2012-10-06 21:46:13 by Wonchop

Couple new animations to share with you folks!
First one is this Sonicky thing I released in the Portal earlier this week.

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You may or may not recall between 2008 and 2010, I worked with Weebl on various animations for his site. This past month we once again joined forces to make this Nativity themed animation promoting a contest ITN are holding. (It's out in October to give entrants the time to make their films and stuff.) I drew and animated it, Weebl wrote and voiced it and removed the epic beard I stuck on Baby Jesus. =(

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New Animations! Sonic + Weebl


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2012-10-07 08:49:21

Both of those were awesome.

I laughed pretty hard at number 4 of that Sonic cartoon.


2012-10-08 05:56:15

Haha, the voice acting in the Weebl one was ace. The guy's brilliant.

Sonic flash was pretty funny man, love your werk.