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New Youtube channel, Oldish flash in Portal

Posted by Wonchop - August 2nd, 2011

First thing's first, I decided to upload the Mischievious Monkey Magic animation I made last year to the portal. Would've submitted it sooner, but was a lil confused since I stupidly animated in 1080p, later remembering I could shrink that shit for NG.

Annoyingly, Youtube decided to give me the third strike on my Youtube account for some copyright complaint (more like copyright whining amirite?). After a day of moping like the hopeless soul that I am, I've decided to make a new channel titled WonchopAnimation, which will be more focused on animation than the previous one. Silly little things like Youtube poops and tiddly flashes with no audital contribution whatsoever will go on my alt account. Be sure to subscribe to both!

This weekend is the Newgrounds London Meet, which is sure to be filled with conversation, booze, karaoke, Jungle Speed, sexy Luis and inevitably molestation. Whether they'll be dodgems only fate (ie, the British weather) will decide. Will report on it on my next FP privelege. Til then, folks.

New Youtube channel, Oldish flash in Portal

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Hats are sexy Luis.

They're supposed to be goggles, but I guess I printed them a bit too big.

I got a question that Egoraptor never replied to me on. Maybe you could?
How did you manage to convert your SWFs to Avi? I tried it but it became either horrible or overkill in quality.. I was then told to just camrecord it using Camstudio, but that was also kinda crap... You know any helpful way at doing that?

Also, NICE HAT...

I export the majority of my animations directly from flash into Quicktime files. I've yet to find a decent swf converter for some of the older flashes I don't have FLAs for anymore.

Oh that was quick. Thanks.

Copyrighted music?

Pretty much. The first two strikes I got were for MADs I made from Death Note and Yu-Gi-Oh! whilst the third one I got was against the audio used in a Bleach parody. In retrospect the account was always at some risk since I didn't really consider it a serious self-promotery thing until later on.

But then you realise you known the rules before submiting. Years later, you get deleted. Shit happens :/

It's mainly the random timing of these things that annoyed me. In the case of the latter, they could've just put the audio on mute.

are you seriously still making flash , mind = blown.

I'm trying at least.