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Comic Con beetchees

Posted by Wonchop - July 22nd, 2010

Howdy folks. I'm here in San Diego ready to sample the delights of Comic Con! The hotel I ended up in is quite swish with a lovely jacuzzi. And it's a short walk from a sushi restaurant. ;D
Most likely I'll be hanging around the Newgrounds/Behemoth booth, whilst also sampling the gaming and comic delights, and maybe checking out that Scott Pilgrim panel. If you're going during today, tommorow and Sunday and you spot someone wearing goggles and a blue shirt/vest combo, try your hardest not to punch him. ;)

For some reason we seem to be experiencing British weather in San Diego. At least that means less worrying about sunburn, right? (Remembers horrors of 2007)

I'll prolly do some doodles for my Deviantart once I get my laptop sorted, and I'll post a load of piccies when I get back, ready to face reality again. Kbye.

Well since this baby's still early on on the front page, I guess I'll post my Day 1 impressions.

First thing I did once I got my badge was to check into the Behemoth booth and say hi, before quickly sampling the delights of the Scott Pilgrim game (Kim Pine + Knives Chau special move = phwoar). Got the sixth volume of Scott Pilgrim though was slightly too late to get it signed today (will attempt tommorow). Had a go on a couple of games including Ghost Trick, some Yu-Gi-Oh! crap, and of course, i-Mockery and Bomtoons' Adobo game. ;D
Later caught up with various Newgrounders including Rubberninja, Hans, Princess Aurora, Luis, Swain, Nandi, TomSka and Skraggy.

Later on I went over to the Scott Pilgrim Experience where I got some free garlic bread (my main substenance for the day), as well as a few shirts and signings from three of the evil exes (one of which is Superman). I then headed over for the agonising wait for the Scott Pilgrim, filled with fears of 'am i in the right line?' We got in and the panel was amazing. Edgar Wright proved himself to be the ultimate troll when he brought out Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on stage only to point out they're not in the film and have them slink off. Seeing Micheal Cera in a Captain America outfit was highly amusing. The biggest surprise however, was Edgar Wright revealing that people who got given certain badges (including me) would get to be one of the first people to see the finished film. After some confusion in following him, we eventually got to the mysterious theatre where we got free popcorn, the epic film and some live music at the end. Anyone who enjoys the comics or just plain awesomeness should watch it when it comes out.

And then I finished by having a chilli cheese dog at Hooters. My personality quirk of not looking directly at people probably defeated the purpose of the establishment mind.

So yeah, looking forward to Day 2! =D

Comments (13)

If only I was going.

Bring me back a present. A good one.

Bring back a piece of Tom's facial hair for me. No matter how small it is.

I think he's clean shaven this time.

I have yet to see you at the behemoth booth. I shall keep looking.

Do you wear goggles because you're cosplaying or are you just some cyberpunk/whatever?

It's a recognisable icon of my online persona plus chicks think its hot.

ill buy u a drink if u get me a pic of tom holding a sign saying i want therealanimator's babies

i saw you

Where do the NG people hang out at day's end? I'm on the USS midway so I have no floor time. :C

If there is any way you can come to PAX as well.

Nope. I'm pretty much skint following this.

If I do see you, can we hug?

I guess, but know that all hugs will be done cautiously.

): do you know what numbers the behemoth booth? i'm never able to find it.

It's in the gamer section over on the far left side of the hall. It's next to Sony, and is near to Funimation, Ubisoft and some TV crap.

think about LL

Missed you entirely.