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Entry #93

New Animation: Headdy's Consequences

1/24/14 by Wonchop
Updated 1/24/14

Oh, hey, just put out a smexy new animation about one of my fave Mega Drive games. It's the first animation I made from this Cintiq 13HD I bought earlier this week.

Watch it here:

Watch it on YouTube:

Share it on Tumblr:

See? I sometimes animate my own things too.



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hmmm... what clock where you?
you know that the CC is now drama-free, with only 1% drama every second sunday?
its cool.

also who is yoru favorute lock animator/member?
mine is magicwand-lock (great flash) and wine-lock (cool guy)

good work.

is it true that you was ''cloud lock'' in the lock legion and ''leek-shades''/ghost-shades in the shades gang?

pretty cool!

have you joined the clock crew as wll, man? its epic...EPIC.

7/4/14 Wonchop responds:

Yes to Cloud Lock, no to anything involving shades, and kinda for the last one (temporarily before moving over to LL due to e-drama).

But the game