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asdfmovies, baubles, cfacebook

11/29/13 by Wonchop
Updated 12/1/13

Long time no see, folks.

So yeah, been mainly doing commissions a lot lately. Two being a couple of Crotchhead cartoons for ADA Sport; Slow Murder and Google Glass Review, and a few things for TomSka, asdfmovie7 and asdfmovie: deleted scenes.

Speaking of which, I did another toon based on the latter two.

Now in terms of shameful self-promotion, my network, Channel Flip, have together these rather nifty Xmas Baubles, which you can get for a measly £6.95 (+free shipping within the UK). Here's a thingy I made to plug them.

And finally, for those who like to use Facebook, I finally set up a Facebook page so please Like and Share.

Once again, apologies for the animation draft round here.

asdfmovies, baubles, cfacebook


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That is not acceptable Briticism



Ah, have a look at that, he's still doing the thing with the goggles...

Just kidding. You do awesome work, amigo. Keep it up!

11/29/13 Wonchop responds:

I've bought like three additional pairs since my last news post.



Good to finally hear from you :)